What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust. These lab created diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Since they are made of the same material as natural diamonds, they exhibit the same optical and chemical properties.

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Lab-grown diamonds start with a tiny lab diamond, called a seed. The seeds are placed in a chamber called a plasma reactor. Then, a mix of gasses containing carbon is added at a very low pressure. Microwave energy is used to heat the gases and generate a plasma. When the temperatures climb over several thousand degrees, the gas molecules break apart and carbon atoms bond to the seeds, growing them one layer at a time. This method is known as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

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“Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same
optical, chemical, thermal, and physical features.”

– Matthew Hall, Director, Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

“Lab-Grown diamonds are here to stay. They are real diamonds, available at a
of the cost, without the need for destructive mining or conflict”

– GQ Magazine



To produce the highest quality, pure and conflict-free CVD diamonds, enabling a mindset shift from mined diamonds to sustainable, lab grown diamonds.


Every Orotech lab grown diamond is a Type IIA diamond which is the purest form of diamond. Our state of the art infrastructure is one of best in the country.


At Orotech, we strive to produce consistant superior quality diamonds so that you can have total confidence in what you’re buying, every time.